Leaf Energy Balance Tutorial

Predicting a leaf’s long-term temperature based on eco-evolutionary optimality principles


Pascal Schneider


August 23, 2023


The field of thermoregulation is fundamental to photosynthesis but the lack of understanding and process-based modelling of leaf temperature regulation creates a knowledge gap worthy of investigation. Moreover, by exploiting EEO principles, we can create a model that accounts for the interplay of thermal acclimation and thermoregulation. Understanding this interplay is an unresolved but highly relevant question because it gives insights into the processes a plant may use to cope with a rising temperatures (Cavaleri, 2020).

This tutorial provides the scientific basis and code implementation to model a leaf’s temperature based on thermodynamic theory and eco-evolutionary optimality theory. Chapter 1 gives insight into the current debate on leaf thermoregulation and makes the statement how eco-evolutionary optimality theory may provide a solution to this issue. In Chapter 3, a numerical algorithm is presented alongside a sensitivity analysis showing the strengths and weaknesses of the current implemenation. In Chapter 4, further improvements of the algorithm and ideas for potential test-cases to evaluate the model are provided.


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